Different Types of Writing Methods

Having an idea from a story is only the first step. Once you’ve come up with that idea, you will have to flesh it out and turn it into an incredible story.

If you’re new to writing, or if you’re working to improve your craft, you’ll want to learn a little bit more about the different kinds of writing methods. If you are more familiar with the way other writers work, you can up with a writing plan that works for you.

To Outline or Not to Outline

Every writer will need to decide whether or not they want to outline their work. Outlining offers a lot of benefits. When a writer knows where their story is going, it will be easier for them to stay focused.

With that said, outlining isn’t a necessity. A number of very successful writers, including John Scalzi, have said that they don’t use outlines. If you don’t work well under restrictions, then you may be better off writing off the top of your head.

If you haven’t used an outline before, it’s a good idea to give outlining a try. From there, you can determine whether or not this technique is a good fit for you.

Methods of Outlining

There are many methods of outlining used by writers. No one method is better than the other; it’s all about what works for an individual author.

One of the most common outlining methods involves separating a story into sections. When outlining a novel, each section could be a chapter. From there, the author can write a few sentences about what happens in that chapter. When they sit down to write the book, they will always know what happens next.

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Outlining Your Novel Makes It Easier To Write

Writers who are bursting with ideas often benefit from simply writing a synopsis of their plot. They can get all of their ideas onto the page without having to worry about things like dialogue and character arcs. Once that synopsis has been completed, the writer can work to give it structure and turn it into a real story.

If you have an idea, but don’t know where to take it, you may want to try the snowflake method. Start out with a single concept or idea. For example, if you were writing a fantasy story, you could write “a kingdom works to defeat a dragon.” From there, you could add information about characters, story arcs, world history, and more.

These are a few of the many outlining methods. See if you can find a way to outline that makes sense for you.


No work is perfect the first time around. Authors will need to revise their work if they want to get it published. Some authors revise as they write; others rely on feedback from beta readers. Work to create something incredible.

If you want to create an incredible story, make sure you learn more about various writing methods. Writing isn’t easy; it can be hard work. However, with the right methods, you can simplify the writing process.

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